Travis Finds Out

Every kid gets curious about the world around them.
Some kids decide to totally geek out about a subject and find out everything they can about it.
A few kids want to tell everyone they meet what they learned.
Travis wants to tell the world.


Travis Finds Out: All About Voiceovers.

Voice overs and voice acting are a key part of movie and television magic. Travis wanted to ‘find out’ what Dad’s job as an audiobook narrator and commercial voice actor was about. He ended up making this video for his 4-H Filmmaking project.

He won Grand Champion at the Colorado State Fair with it. And “Travis Finds Out” as a series was born.


Travis Finds Out: Suminagashi - Simple but Awesome Art Project from Japan

Water, ink and paper: it's all you need to make an amazing art form that has fascinated cultures from Japan to Italy over the last 850 years. In this episode, "Travis Finds Out"... about Sumingashi -- Japanese for "Floating Ink."

National Park Service Artist in Residence Miriam Sagan teaches Travis and Ainsley how to perform this subtle but beautiful art form.