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Talking Around the Campfire

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Laundry Options for Full Time RVing Families

Camping is a dirty business. Dirt happens. You thought your kids knew how to find every inch of dirt and mud that exists in your suburban back yard? Wait until they're spending a very large portion of the day in or around nature. Real nature. Not a Home Depot ad quality back yard deck with a finely cared-for lawn.

When you're tent camping for the weekend, or even RVing for a week, you can just store up your dirties in a bag until you get home.

What if (ominous Haunted House voice) THERE IS NO GOING HOME FOR LAUNDRY?

Tree branches falling on tents and campers – should you be worried?

Whenever a tragic accident involving a tree falling on a camper happens, it’s in the news. Does that mean it’s a risk you should worry about? Should you NEVER camp under or near a tree? Let’s look at why trees shed branches or topple, how often it happens, and what you can do to lessen the risk of “death from above” on your next trip.


Keeping those competitive juices flowing for roadschoolers / unschoolers — county fair open class

Travis was AMAZING in Matchwits, 4-H film-making and project demonstrations.

Ainsley loved dance classes, 4-H, and school art shows.

How do we keep those passions alive and growing while on the road? How do we fuel that competitive spirit? These are things we’ve really put a lot of thought into.

One thing we’ve found: Open Class competitions at the county fair of whatever area we’re in during fair season. Learn how roadschool families can participate… without the year-long 4H membership that only stationary families can do!